October 18, 2011
All the things I don’t like (Ruki fan fic) 3

Chapter 3: Order

“You’re late Reita!” said Kai

“Yeah I know, I know but I had met up with this really cute girl and she…”

“Save the sex story, we’ve got work to do,” interrupted Uruha,

“Aww just cause she chose me and not you!’

“Get lost Reita!”

“Haha Calm down if it helps she wasn’t that good in bed, she was better!” Uruha leaned forward and punched Reita in the arm to try and shut him up. “Fuck it!”

“Guys don’t you think it’s a little too early to talk about girls and bed and to be arguing?” said Ruki, tired.

“Huh what?” Aoi said

“It’s Monday morning,”

“No it isn’t,”

“Yeah it’s Tuesday and it’s already the afternoon, no one could be bothered to get up when the alarm went…” ended Aoi.

“Say what!? It’s Tuesday!” he looked at his watch “You’re right! I gotta go!” said Ruki quickly as he left money for his drink and ran out the door grabbing his coat.

“Why is he in a rush?” asked Kai

“I don’t know but recently he’s been going somewhere every Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays around this time…” said Reita.

“Shall we follow him?” asked Aoi as he got up from his seat and made his way to the door. Expecting the answer to be a yes.

They arrived at Starlit Neko Café and they were all, except Uruha, perfectly freaked out.

“Didn’t think Ruki was the kind of guy to…” began Reita

“Who was into this kind of stuff…” continued Kai, awkwardly. 

“Maids?” Aoi, Reita and Kai said together and looked at Uruha who had said nothing but was glaring.

“Uruha?” asked Kai nervously

“That little brat…” hissed Uruha as he gritted his teeth.

They all looked into the café to see Ruki happily talking to one of the maids who had her back turned towards them. It appeared that he had ‘accidentally’ spilt his drink over the table and himself and the maid was clearing it up.

“You think he likes her or something?” Aoi asked

“She’s not Ruki’s kind. I mean look at her, she’s small and looks like she’s in middle school or something. Her body is…”

“Finish that sentence Reita and I will smack you” Uruha said angrily and stormed into the café walking past two of the maids. “RUKI” he shouted as he made his way over.

“Uruha!?” he said in surprise “What, why are you here?” he asked weakly

“Because we were following you. Why are you here? Though I can quite easily guess!” he spat

“Uruha?” came a voice, he spun round. “Hey…” he softened. “Sorry for bursting in, it’s just that Ruki…”

“Is a complete idiot? I know but he pays well and I could do with the money U-san!” she said happily.

“Ha! So you knew that’s he’s an idiot!”

“Of course, who would believe that I’m a twenty-six year old? Hmmm?” she said smiling

“Ruki would, sorry about him troubling you with his stupidity!”

“Nah don’t worry, it’s refreshing after all the nerds I have to deal with!” she teased in a low voice.

“Hey if you’re having money problems…”

“Uruha, do you mind telling us who this is?” Kai asked politely

“Oh guys, this is…Ruki why don’t you introduce her?” he said slyly.

“She’s a maid. I don’t know her name because she hasn’t told me yet and neither would you.” He spat at Uruha

“Uruha do you mind telling us who she is?” Uruha looked at the girl who looked at the floor before answering.

“If you trust them, then I trust them,” was all she said. Uruha sighed heavily. “This is Sakura Ichigo-Aoi.” He said in small voice.

“Three things I don’t like…” muttered Ruki under his breath. “Especially the Ichigo and Aoi…”

* * *

“Oh so you’re Uruha’s sister’s husband’s sister?”

“Yeah it’s confusing I know!”

“And your name is…”

“Sakura is my second name, Ichigo-Aoi are both my first names!” she said rather happy. “But Ichigo-chan or Ichigo is okay since you guys know Uruha pretty well hmm?”

“Mmm” was all Uruha had said as he glared at Ruki staring at Ichigo from across the table.

“So, Ichigo, how old are you?” Reita innocently asked

“How old do you think?” her tone became more harsh

“I’m not sure, you got to be at least over 16 to work in one of these places,” Reita said looking around the café

“Yeah you’re right, don’t worry, I’m twenty-one, thanks for not assuming” she smiled and Reita just nodded.

They talked for a while at the café; Reita seemed to get on the best with Ichigo, which Ruki found irritating. Uruha didn’t seem to mind too much that Reita and Ichigo were becoming good friends; it just for some reason bothered him when Ruki tried to be closer to her.

(At Aoi’s place)

“Man she seems really nice, don’t you think?” Aoi asked to the others

“Yurrp sure is, she’s pretty funny when you get to know her!” commented Reita

“But Uruha, you don’t seem to happy with us being with her,” mentioned Kai

“Yeah, you were like glaring at us whenever we tried talking to her! What is she to you? Your girlfriend?” asked Reita

“I wasn’t glaring at all of you, just Ruki, and nah she’s not my girlfriend, she’s more of a younger sister to me…”

“What’s wrong with Ruki?”

“Kai, what’s right with Ruki?” they all laughed. “True, true”

“What’s true?!” Ruki called as he got out of the bathroom

“That er, Ichigo is nice,”

Ruki looked at Aoi not convinced, “Yeah, whatever, I’m going to stay here tonight, you mind?”

“Well, I can’t say no since you’re already ready…” Aoi sighed smiling as Ruki made his way up to the guest bedroom of Aoi’s place.

“Hey, Uruha, does she always wear that bandage? She could of taken it of right? She wasn’t working when we were talking to her,”

“Do you ever take your bandage off?”

“All right I was just asking cause she could of…”

“ She does always wear that bandage, and always wear those types of clothes. She can’t take it of and that is all I’m going to say. It’s not my business to talk about it with you. G’night” he said heading for the door, letting himself out.

* * *

“Hey Ichigo-chan?”

“Yeah Ruki?

“Can I talk to you on your break or something?”

“I guess so, I’ll be of soon, well you should know huh?” she smiled briefly and continued with her work, playing card games with her regulars, dancing a few dances and severing food and drinks. Ruki thought that she was a good dancer as he watched her from a far.

“So what you want this time hmm?” she asked

“You’ve finished work for today no?” she nodded “Then you can take your outfit off,” Ruki pointed at her face to her shoes “Don’t you have a spare set?”

She shook her head. “No, sorry, I can’t, silly me left them at home, heh heh”

“What again? You mean you came in your work clothes?”

“I was running late okay! Could we drop it now?” she said quickly

“Okay, well at least take the bandage off! It looks uncomfortable to wear!” he said smiling

“Really it isn’t! And I’m fine wearing it! Would you just leave it alone!?”

“You know I’ve never once seen you dressed in more casual clothes and you’ve always been wearing the bandage, don’t you ever get bored and want to take it of?”

“Don’t you ever get bored of having to be ‘Ruki’ instead of yourself Takanori?” she snapped and left him with questionable looks.

It was a while until Ruki went back and tried to talk to her, he was scolded by Uruha about making Ichigo cry and he felt bad himself for making her leave him like she did. When he did go back to talk to her it wasn’t for another 3 months that they became friends.


A/N writers block I guess….

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